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David has been architecting, organizing, and leading large-scale brand & user-experience efforts, teams, and processes for 27 years in multiple industries across three continents.

Some sample roles: Creative Director at SalesforceGroupon Merchant,, DLJDirect (now Etrade) and Apogee Networks; UX Manager at Microsoft; Vice President of UX at, and BitTorrent; Chief Interface Officer at what is now LBi; Chief Creative Office at Whitestone Technologies; Executive Director of Brand Experience at StumbleUpon... and founder of several start-ups.

Through these efforts, he has learned about the impact of good product experiences on people’s quality of life… and loves to evangelize and put to practice the benefits that this phenomenon brings to both consumers' satisfaction and the enterprise's bottom-line revenue. It is only by tying the story-telling behind a brand's promise to the final interaction model of its customer-facing experiences, that you get consistent, believable, and sought-after storytelling. David gives your enterprise that narrative.

David holds BFA and BID from RISD. He teaches and speaks when requested. His own favorite user experience is Nutella (with a proper butter knife).

And now, some accumulated wisdom nuggets and foundation of the philosophical approach to my discipline... presented for your own intellectual merriment:
gr! UX Tenets

1. Best UI is no UI
2. When in doubt, remove
3. Hypothesize first, ask questions later
4. Abstain from designing the user
5. Most crucial UI element? Text
6. Predictable inaccuracy trumps fortuitous accuracy
7. "Sense of Discovery"... has a shelf life of one user session
8. Persuasive UI... buys you the first two clicks
9. Economy in your code, means savings in their decode
10. Give your usability creed recurrent facelifts
11. Intuition, like emotion, is a fickle thing
12. First impression, the only impression
13. WOW factor = We Ought to Widen our value-added proposition
14. Don't ask what they think, watch what they do
15. Today's innovation is tomorrow's convention
16. Allure, Persuade, Delight, Convince, Satisfy, Captivate... then Monetize
17. Best assurance for a consistent experience: Unified framework and common libraries
18. Camouflage your insightful instinct in accepted consensus
19. Content wants to be free. Charge for finding it
20. UI is all form and has no meaning or enduring value outside context... the opposite of content. Inhibit first, exhibit second
21. It is all about constraints... and how to game them into feeling like affordances
22. Refrain from the obnoxious interface. Your processes should be humble to their user, not the other way around
23. Elegant interface features explicit function, implicit delight
24. Design for the user, package for the project manager
25. There is nothing obvious, ever
26. Data Portability shouldn't be your choice. It is your user's right
27. Let your users hack your taxonomy
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